How the Model View ViewModel Helps Developers

If you were to give two artists identical chunks of clay, and asked them to mold the clay into a bird using the same reference photo, you might notice a couple of things. If the artists are competent, both projects will look like the bird in the picture. However, the final product may have minor differences, and the approaches each artist took to get there may have been vastly different. Software development is similar, in that there are almost limitless ways to achieve any given task, and one approach is to use the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architectural pattern. This pattern originated with Microsoft, but it can be used with Java software development and other languages as well. This pattern is composed of three major parts.

The model is basically the part of the program that stores all of the raw data and the state of the program. When a user makes a change to the program, that change is represented by a state value in the model. All user information is also stored in the model.

The view is comprised of the graphical user interface (GUI). This is what the user actually sees on their screen, and it is made up of things like menus, buttons, and displays. The look of the program is established in the view, but the view does not contain the behavior for what these buttons do or what is displayed.

View Model
The view model is an abstraction of the view that serves as a mediator between the view and the model. When a button is pressed in the view, it sends a signal to the view model, which sends a command to the model to change some data. The view model also takes information from the model and converts it into something that can be seen in the view.

There are a couple of advantages to the MVVM architectural pattern. First, developers can access and manipulate information in the model without interfering with how the program runs. Second, UI designers can design intuitive interfaces with minimal coding required. Overall, MVVM is a great way to organize a project that can benefit Java software development.


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