Blog Makeover #76: Life According To Me

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Life According to Me‘s blog owner who is also one of my BFF online, Ane, just recently moved to WordPress.. Yeay!¬†Initially¬†she wanted to try to do the move herself but found that it was easier to just hire me instead .. lol!

So taking advantage of my very special Blogger to WordPress transfer fee and blog makeover package, I moved all her three blogs for her.

The move of all three of her blogs to WordPress is already done but we are still in the blog makeover mode. Ane wanted me to finish her main blog first and so here is it.. spotting a new “sparkly” look :)





As you can see, the move to WordPress didn’t affect her blog pagerank or alexa ranking at all. Her blog’s permalink also remain intact, which is important if you are doing sponsored post like what most bloggers do nowadays. For this particular blog also, I was able to move all her Intense Debate comments as well. I also helped her install some of the WordPress plugins that I think might be useful for her :)


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