Blog Makeover #80: Violetblush

  • old look
  • new look
  • in the spotlight
  • popout images
  • pull out tab

Anne, owner of blog, Violetblush, was  easy to work with as she knew exactly what she wanted in terms design and colors.

There were also tonnes of things that Anne wanted to be implemented at her blog and I was only happy to indulge her as it also enabled me to showcase many different features that many of you might think is not possible with a blogspot blog.

new violetblush look

new look

old look

old look


Here are the features that were implemented at her blog.

1. Slider

I have installed a different slider before for Mariuca and Rizal but Anne wanted something similar to one that she saw at another blog. This slider, with navigation buttons, will display thumbnails of images that can be linked to certain post in her blog or any other site as well.

in the spotlight

Slider with Navigation and linked images

2. Pop Out Images

Anne has a lot of awesome graphics but she didn’t really like displaying them too big on her blog so with this feature, she can just choose the ‘Small” or “Medium” images to post at her blog but visitors, once clicking on the images, will be able to see a much bigger picture.

popout images

popped out bigger image

3. Pull out tab

Anne also loved the idea of a pullout tab like how  I had it at LJL and so she is sporting one too

pull out tab

pull out sidebar widget

So head on over to Violetblush and check out the new features there and don’t forget to sign her guestbook and read her writeup on LadyJava Creations ok!

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