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Do you know that blogs are very much like plants. First, you house them in nice planters, water them, nurture them and give them all the love and attention  that you can. Then as the plants gets bigger, you switch from an indoor planter,  to some even nicer decorative planters so that you can share it’s beauty with the world.  Some of my  blogs were like that. It started being private (indoor planter) with a standard template (planter), then as I have more entries and grow more confident, I opened it to the public featuring a customized template and header (decorative)  for the world to see.

Some bloggers start off with their own template and header then engage my services for a more professional look just like Shy of  Worth’s World.  She already has a nice header but wanted to have the LadyJava touch.  I was only to happy to oblige. What do you think?

The New Look

The Old Look

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