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by Jackie on LadyJava Creations
My Forever All Time Star Designer

Hello to all! I am the owner of Expression Needed which is a brand new blog of mine. I am the former owner of The Painted Veil. LJ has done all of my work for years now. I live in Oklahoma, USA but I use LadyJava Creations for everything. My trust in her is unequivocal. She does beautiful work! She is a good listener and never looses her patience even with a forgetful client such as myself. She has helped me so many times with so many different things that I could never list them all. She is an incredible designer and an incredibly trustworthy beautiful woman with the heart of a true artist!


by violetblush on LadyJava Creations
LJ : My All Star Web Designer

Hi! I am the owner of Violetblush Eventz & Designz an eventdesigner & planner in Kuala Lumpur.

If you are not that web savvy like myself, you often will feel intimidated by your web designer. I remembered hiring one where I could not even make any requests and was too afraid to disapprove the designs, though it did not suit me at all. The thing is, I have always admired Lady Java's (LJ) work from a far...but i was not sure she would entertain a makeover requests from someone not so web savvy like myself, not too mention my fussiness. So I sent her an inquiry and today she is my 'all star blog designer.'

What i love most about this lass is that she really listens and try to capture the personality of the client and incorporate it into her work. My business blog is not just a blog-it has soul baby!! And she's not thrifty either when it comes to sharing her knowledge. She even went the extra mile by helping me rearrange my posts design and even helped me with the editing.She didn't laugh off my insane requests and stepped out of her comfort zone to realize it. She trusted my instincts right through the entire process. She was willing to participate in the countdown gimmick i had planned prior to the on-line unveiling of my new blog.

Let me share a little secret, even before the unveiling, she cleaned up house for me because i made a mentioned that i was lobbying for a major portfolio and that the GM would be browsing through the old blog at anytime. The GM did drop by - i was signed up even before the unveiling!!The GM was indeed impressed with the blog as it ooozes persona and creativity.And mind you at the time the blog was still under construction.

I also mentioned certain details to LJ like:
'I want the big boys to take me out for coffee and hire me BUT I do not want the ladies shying away from me.' Even before the unveiling- one of the "big boys" inquired my services and i have lotsa mommies asking me about our birthday packages :)

Words cannot express my gratitude to LJ , who now have become an affiliate to our company as well as a dear friend. I love her and trust her like I do my hairstylist (the ladies would understand this bit best!! ).

Do drop by at vbeventz.blogspot.com and see for yourself how this time around LJ has stunningly outdone herself. The work she has done on my blog reflects somewhat a new persona oozing from this lass. This is far out LJ's best work thus far. Come and see for yourself ;)


by Rizal (RestNrilekS) on LadyJava Creations
She Understands You Perfectly

Now now now, i can't remember how i got to know LJ, but i think it was while commenting on other site, that i happened to read conversations between her and the blog owner about blog makeover. The blog owner sounded happy with her new blog makeover.

Now, coming from a design background, i am pretty much fussy when it comes to anything visuals. Of course i had my doubt, could LJ make according to what i wanted?

I thought i gave it a try, and almost 2 years later, i am still using the layout that i had asked LJ to tweak. That is how happy i am with her work. Though it was only some tweaking, mind you that i asked her to do some serious tweaking involving colours, layout composition, fonts and certain technicals aspect. I did make it clear that i wanted a clear, clean cut layout for RestNrilekS and i think LJ did it great for a blogger platform.

Over the course of that 2 years, i have also asked her to do some additional minor tweakings to enhance RestNrilekS. True, almost anybody can do some minor tweakings, but at the end, i chose LJ not only for her great skills but also that great feeling working with her. In a way, she builds great trust to work with, and to me, that is an A+ point. There is a personal touch when working with her.

Working with her is easy and fast, even when you yourself have no idea what you want. She even advises you best solutions, and that clears lots of things.

I am thinking to migrate to wordpress in the future, and should the time come, without any hesitation, I will choose LadyJava to work with again.

Thanks LJ

The Queen of all Blog Makeover

I met LadyJava or to her friends we call her LJ a while back through friends in the blogging world. I was looking to switch from blogger to WordPress and was that she was the one to talk to. That was a understatement. LJ is one amazing women. She has built 4 of my blogs to perfection and every time i feel i want to change the style she know exactly what i want. Just recently i changed hosting companies and that i lost all posts to one of my blogs and told that to LJ. LJ being her normal casual self said let me take a look and within a matter of minutes had found all the post and had restored them to their original positions. Then told me that it was all done like it was a walk in the park for her.

LJ never stops amazing me with all of the talents that she has. She is the one stop go to person that i go to for anything that has to do with any that pertains to blogs or word press. If you need to build an blog or even a website of any kind i highly recommend her. Just dont take my word for it check out her website and look at all the amazing sites she has built. LadyJava even works with twitter pages and many many other things to many to mention here. I am very glad to have found her here and become good friends with her.

LadyJava, My Blogs' Fairy Godmother

Before I met LadyJava, who I fondly call LJ, my blogs were a total mess. I didn't know the first thing about styling it and making it look good, I thought the content will compensate for its lack of aesthetics, but of course I was wrong. I needed to make an impression online, I needed people to know me and I needed to make my presence known. Although I learned how to configure HTML and CSS codes, I lacked the artistic capability to make my blogs look gorgeous. Then LJ came along and waved her magic wand and everything looked absolutely gorgeous. I knew who I wanted to be online but I didn't know how to channel that onto my blogs' design. LJ brought out the Goddess in me and now people who come to my blogs remember me better. She has worked with all of my blogs since 2009 and as long as she'll bear with my quirky requests and vague descriptions of what I want, I will not go to anyone else. For me, there is only ONE BLOG MAKE OVER QUEEN AND THAT IS LADYJAVA!

But, don't take my word for it, check out her portfolio and check out my blogs. They are so gorgeous, but don't be jealous, I'm sure LJ can make your home on the web as awesome as mine, or even better. :)

Thanks for absolutely being amazing LJ!

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